Journey East to Omakase Perfection

Osaka-born and Tokyo-trained chef Keizo Seki moved to Los Angeles in 1991 as sushi bars seemed to emerge on every street corner. Perfecting his “itamae” at the top restaurants around the city, Chef Keizo developed a unique style for sushi success and a following of committed patrons that inspired the opening of Chef Keizo’s own Sushi Zo in 2006.

Although humbly tucked away in a Los Angeles sub-district strip mall, Sushi Zo was immediately spotlighted and recognized with top ratings by Zagat Restaurant Guide and awarded a Michelin star in 2009. Sushi Zo soon opened a second Los Angeles location and then headed back east to open a third location in New York City wherein Sushi Zo was awarded a second Michelin star in 2016 and maintains a one-month waiting list.

An Experience Beyond Food



Omakase (Chef's choice set menu):  19,000 yen (Service fee 10%/Tax excluded)  

Please note that we only serve Omakase (Chef's choice set menu) in order to serve you the Japanese seasonal ingredients in the best condition.  

Sushi Zo Tokyo Location


Call 03-6804-5135

Our Global Locations

Hours of Operation

6:00 pm ~ 11:00 pm



Close irregularly

There may be exceptions to the above schedule. Ensure you use the search to confirm availability.Please contact us.




※We are available for the older than junior high school.



※No smoking in restaurant.



※Please refrain from wearing strong perfume or cologne.



※No matter for taking pictures but appreciate for your attention to your surroundings.



当店のご予約には、クレジットカードの登録が必要です。ご利用できるクレジットはVISA、MASTER、American Express です。


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